The NBVerse's national treasury
The NBExchequer will start of as being the NBVerse's central bank/national treasury. Once we fully establish a working DAO, it will then be converted into a community treasury.
It collects IP tokens and other payment tokens (such as WETH, WBNB etc.) from transaction fees.

Inflow sources

  • Marketplace transaction fees (4-5%, please refer to the Tier-based Incentives section for the exact percentage)
  • Governance votes
  • Breeding fees
  • Token conversions (the tokens gets stored in the treasury)
  • Our own DEX's conversion fees (once it goes live)

Outflow sources

  • Token and NFT staking reward issuance
  • In-game reward issuance
  • Airdrops
  • Adoption Incentives/Marketing
  • Burns and buybacks
  • Token issuance (for our DEX's liquidity providers, for example)