Our philosophy

What is our stance?

Reimagine Entertainment

We don’t simply slap blockchain into entertainment medium such as (but not limited to) games. We reimagined and reworked the whole vision. More information regarding this will be revealed soon.

Fun First

Digital ownership is often seen by many as a cover-up for the lack of quality and fun in many entertainment products. We don't sacrifice this aspect and aspire to create both the fun and earning experience.

Digital Ownership

As we develop our products within the Web3 space and take advantage of the ever-expanding power of blockchain, we allow our users to have digital ownership over every asset that we have to offer. Let there be true meaning over the term 'ownership'.
Once yours, can forever be yours. Unless, of course, you decide to sell or trade it to someone else.


Principally, this word is made up. But technically, it simply means the ability to be crossover or have crossover mechanics.
We believe that the future of the metaverse lies within a shared effort; thus, the metaverse will be an interoperable entity. However, being interoperable doesn’t mean that they are automatically consumable in other projects.
NBC strives to create digital blockchain-native products that is crossoverable. We seek synergy between our digital IPs alongside other promising projects' digital assets (and vice versa).


As our products develop, we aim to keep exploring cutting-edge technologies to bring our product to the next level.
Bring out the big guns, we're going all out.