Cross-chain mechanics

We've seen a few projects here and there running around the NFT/GameFi space that have started to utilize the strategies and potentials of cross-chain mechanics. We believe that it has huge potential, and hence we've also decided to undertake our own idea to go cross-chain with our products, starting with the Realm Hunter ecosystem.
It is important to note that cross-chain is a relatively broad topic that can go from bridging assets, improving liquidity positions, improving security (reducing risk between parallel chains), or to something simpler and more product-specific. We are still exploring the possibilities of such mechanics, so the sky is just the limit of what we can implement for a full extent of cross-chain mechanics.
Some potential cross-chain mechanics for us are the following:
  • Some of our NFTs will exist in one chain and others will exist in other chains. For instance, NFT A will exist in Ethereum, NFT B will exist in Polygon, NFT C will exist in BNB Chain and so on.
  • Each blockchain may grant certain NFTs chain-specific benefits (e.g. all NFTs in Ethereum will be granted Benefits A and B, all NFTs in Polygon will be granted Benefits B and C and so on).
  • Outside of benefits, each blockchain will also have specific unique features, such as emission of in-game and staking rewards, special events and competitions.
  • There will be a popular and special blockchain-off tournament: for instance, players who bought NFTs from Ethereum may fight against players who bought NFTs from BNB Chain. The top X% of these participants of the winning blockchain will win exclusive rewards. Show off whose chain is boss! More information regarding this will be revealed shortly.
  • Under discussion: It will also be a possibility to transfer your NFTs from one chain to another if these NFTs have a specific common trait.