Core products

What Not Boring Company has to offer
NBC aims to provide a wide arrangement of products built to strengthen its position across the metaverse.

Blockchain-Native IP & Franchises (GameFi, NFTs, etc.)

We build a variety of high quality blockchain IP projects within the GameFi, NFT and other spaces which synergize well within and outside our ecosystem, creating powerful IP franchises.
We aim to enable our IP to have utility beyond the digital world by introducing them to the real world through merchandise (more info will be provided while we are developing this).
Our first upcoming flagship IP is Realm Hunter.
More IPs will be created as we grow and as time moves on.


We are building a marketplace that will facilitate the transactions of assets, NFTs, in-game items across the NBVerse and NBC’s partners.
As time progresses, we are also planning to integrate the marketplace into a physical marketplace where our users will be able to buy, sell or trade physical NBC products (such as merchandise).


We are building a play-and-earn gaming guild, bringing players to earn via blockchain-based economies.
We provide better rates to our users as we loan out our own NFTs & IPs.

NBExchequer and DAO

The NBExchequer serves as NBC's central bank and will eventually develop into becoming a community treasury once we fully integrate DAO into our ecosystem.
For more information regarding the NBExchequer, please refer to the NBExchequer section.
We believe that one of the key strengths of blockchain and Web3 and how it differs from the traditional Web2 space is decentralization, hence why we see a lot of DAOs being developed under many projects.
However, properly integrating a DAO within a sophisticated ecosystem requires a lot of wishful thinking and proper execution, which is why we are not rushing into this first. We want to build our community, wrap them in discussions and let them fully understand our project first. We want them to understand our vision and what we plan to execute within the upcoming years or decades.
Once it is time, we will be more than happy to integrate a DAO that we believe will be strong and a good contender to be the epitome of illustrating the importance of decentralized governance within Web3 ecosystems.


NBC aims to work with other ecosystems and launchpads to support high quality projects that can contribute toward the NBVerse.
More details will be provided as we begin this project.

Metaverse As Service (MAS)

We aim to encourage true and high quality builders (both digital and non-digital) to build on top of our IPs.
More details will be provided as we begin this project. If you are interested in working with us, please contact us through social media or under the links provided in